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Revive Recovery

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

*Revive Recovery is formulated to assist in recovery from the high-intensity workout.

*The 2 to 1 ratio of fast acting carbohydrates to whey protein promotes optimal recovery after strenuous training.

*The mix replenishes lost glycogen and provides the “kick start” signal that will begin the synthesis of protein. The amino acids help the carbs to deliver the building blocks necessary to start protein synthesis at the muscle level.

*By delivering both carbs and protein immediately post exercise Revive Recovery has the power to blunt the stress on your body and encourage the right environment to recover.

Revive Protein

vanilla, chocolate

*Revive Protein is made of the highest quality whey protein.

*Gives your body the essential building blocks it needs to maintain and build lean body mass while promoting optimal metabolism.

*Take it anytime of the day to fuel hard training or as part of a nutritious meal replacement. It’s delicious.

Marcus Filly


Revive Rx products have been developed by professional athlete and trainer Marcus Filly.

* Be honest about the types of nutrients the athlete`s body needs for optimal performance and recovery
* Be committed to provide those nutrients with the most essential and natural ingredients free of unnecessary additives or fillers.
* Be persistent in delivering the highest quality products available to revive the bodies of the fittest people on earth.

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